Score All 80+ in PTE Academic Exam and Claim 20 points for Language Ability in your Australia Permanent Residency Application.

PTE Academic Exam Results of Past Exam Takers who Enrolled in the PTE 80+  Expert Course:

Hi Gabriel,

Attached please find the latest PTE result, and I am very grateful for your teaching and guidance along the way. I have exceedingly achieved what I want. Thank you very much!!

All the best to your future endeavour!



Hi Gabriel,

it’s done!   Big thanks  for your expert PTE coaching throughout the journey. 

Hi Gabriel,
I am so relieved that I  got top PTE  I am now able to claim 20 points for my migration point test and should be eligible to receive an invitation from the AU immigration department soon.
Once again, thank you very much for your help. Without your help, I would not have aced the test. 
All the best,