IELTS Writing and Speaking Expert Course 1-to-1 

Reviews and Results of IELTS Takers

Hi Gabriel,

Please find attached my IELTS results, I'm now able to obtain 20 points for language ability in my Australian immigration application. Cheers, Mark

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks to your IELTS course, I managed to score 8.5 in Writing, many thanks for all your expert teaching!

Best, Helen

Dear Gabriel,


I got my IELTS results, I scored Writing 7.5 and Speaking 8.0. I can now proceed with my application. Big thanks for your help and all the advice all the way through. Thank you!




 Hi Gabriel


It would have been truly impossible for me to achieve these IELTS results without your help.Thank you so much!


Cheers, Ygraine

Hi Gabriel,


Thanks so much for your help ! I have passed the requirements for IELTS a few weeks ago. I really appreciate your continuous  assistance.


Best Regards, 


Hi Gabriel,


My exam result has been released just now,  Your course helped a lot so I could achieve my goal and confirm my master's degree offer in Sydney.

Thanks so much for your tremendous help! 



Dear Gabriel,


I am so grateful for your help. Thank you very much !


Best regards,